Senate File 457 S-3016 Amend Senate File 457 as follows: 1 1. Page 12, line 26, after < 321.210. > by inserting 2 < Additionally, the department shall assess the person a civil 3 penalty of two hundred dollars. However, for persons age 4 nineteen or under, the department shall assess a civil penalty 5 of fifty dollars. The money collected by the department as 6 civil penalties shall be transmitted by the treasurer of state 7 who shall deposit the money in the juvenile detention home fund 8 created in section 232.142. A person assessed a civil penalty 9 under this subparagraph may remit the civil penalty along 10 with a processing fee of five dollars to a county treasurer 11 authorized to issue driver’s licenses under chapter 321M, or 12 the civil penalty may be paid directly to the department. > 13 ______________________________ DAN DAWSON -1- SF457.779 (1) 88 asf/jh 1/ 1 #1.