Senate File 2338 H-8236 Amend the amendment, H-8173, to Senate File 2338, as passed 1 by the Senate, as follows: 2 1. Page 7, after line 11 by inserting: 3 < DIVISION ___ 4 BUSINESS REPORTING OF COVID-19 5 Sec. ___. BUSINESSES —— REPORTING OF COVID-19. 6 1. Pursuant to chapter 139A and notwithstanding any 7 provision of law to the contrary, for the protection of the 8 public the department of public health shall require every 9 business which identifies employees infected with COVID-19 to 10 report each infection to the department of public health within 11 twenty-four hours of identifying the infection. The department 12 shall disclose the identity of the business to the public and 13 the number of infections reported by the business as necessary 14 to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect the public. The 15 department shall develop and make available to businesses a 16 form for the reporting of infections of COVID-19 under this 17 section. 18 2. For the purposes of this section: 19 a. “Business” means and includes every trade, occupation, 20 or profession employing at least fifty employees, and to which 21 any of the following circumstances apply: 22 (1) At least ten percent of the business’s employees have 23 confirmed cases of COVID-19. 24 (2) At least ten percent of the business’s employees are 25 absent from the business’s premises at any one time as a result 26 of infection with or exposure to COVID-19. 27 b. “Employee” means a person who has entered into the 28 employment of, or works under contract of service, express or 29 implied, for a business. > 30 2. Page 7, by striking lines 13 through 17 and inserting < An 31 Act relating to public health, including recoverable damages 32 for medical expenses, evidence offered to prove past medical 33 expenses, civil actions related to the novel coronavirus, 34 and the reporting of incidences of COVID-19 infections to 35 -1- H8173.4154 (1) 88 ja/jh 1/ 2 #1.
the department of public health, and including retroactive 1 applicability provisions. > 2 3. By renumbering as necessary. 3 ______________________________ HALL of Woodbury -2- H8173.4154 (1) 88 ja/jh 2/ 2 #3.