House File 2510 H-8088 Amend House File 2510 as follows: 1. Page 2, by striking lines 14 through 30 and inserting: 2 < NEW PARAGRAPH . 0c. For the proceeding subsequent 3 to the effective date of a rate resulting from a rate 4 regulatory proceeding utilizing a future test year, the 5 rules shall establish filing requirements for the subsequent 6 proceeding, procedural rules, and standards of reasonableness 7 for determining whether the actual costs and revenues are 8 reasonably consistent with those approved by the board and if 9 refunds, reduced rates, or increased rates should be required. 10 The subsequent proceeding shall be based upon twelve months of 11 actual data beginning from the date that the rates based upon a 12 future test year became effective, and the board shall conduct 13 a hearing within ninety days after the public utility files 14 the twelve-month data with the board, if the board determines 15 that a hearing is necessary. The public utility shall file 16 the twelve-month data within ninety days of the end of the 17 twelve-month period. The board shall issue a final order 18 within one hundred twenty days after the public utility files 19 the twelve-month data required for the subsequent proceeding. > 20 2. By renumbering, redesignating, and correcting internal 21 references as necessary. 22 ______________________________ CARLSON of Muscatine -1- HF2510.3563 (1) 88 ja/rn 1/ 1 #1. #2.