House File 2518 H-8055 Amend House File 2518 as follows: 1 1. By striking everything after the enacting clause and 2 inserting: 3 < Section 1. Section 331.907, Code 2020, is amended by adding 4 the following new subsection: 5 NEW SUBSECTION . 2A. a. If the board of supervisors adopts 6 a compensation schedule that annually compensates a supervisor 7 in an amount greater than the median annual household income 8 for the county based on the most recently published United 9 States census bureau median household income statistics, the 10 adopted compensation schedule shall not take effect until all 11 of the following occur: 12 (1) The board of supervisors directs the county 13 commissioner of elections to submit to the registered voters of 14 the county at the next general election the question of whether 15 the adopted compensation schedule shall be approved. 16 (2) A majority of those voting approve the adopted 17 compensation schedule. 18 b. The compensation of a supervisor shall be the same as 19 provided in the most recently adopted compensation schedule 20 that took effect until a new compensation schedule takes 21 effect. > 22 ______________________________ SEXTON of Calhoun -1- HF2518.3401 (1) 88 js/ns 1/ 1 #1.