House File 2259 H-8046 Amend House File 2259 as follows: 1 1. Page 3, after line 6 by inserting: 2 < c. A poster issued by the commissioner that can be 3 downloaded from the department’s internet site that may 4 be displayed in the front entrance and check-in area of 5 all lodging at which a lodging provider’s employees have 6 received human trafficking prevention training and that is 7 owned, operated, or owned and operated by a certified lodging 8 provider. The poster shall be modifiable to indicate the month 9 and year in which the human trafficking prevention training 10 was completed and shall include the state human trafficking 11 helpline or national human trafficking hotline. > 12 ______________________________ ISENHART of Dubuque ______________________________ JAMES of Dubuque -1- HF2259.3363 (3) 88 ko/rh 1/ 1 #1.