House File 766 H-1180 Amend House File 766 as follows: 1 1. Page 10, by striking lines 30 through 32 and inserting: 2 < ___. (1) Of the funds appropriated in this subsection, 3 $15,000 shall be used by the department to continue to 4 implement the recommendations in the final report submitted by 5 the direct care worker advisory council to the governor and 6 the general assembly in March 2012, including by continuing 7 to develop, promote, and make available on a statewide basis 8 the prepare-to-care core curriculum and its associated modules 9 and specialties through various formats including online 10 access, community colleges, and other venues; exploring new and 11 maintaining existing specialties including but not limited to 12 oral health and dementia care; supporting instructor training; 13 and assessing and making recommendations concerning the Iowa 14 care book and information technology systems and infrastructure 15 uses and needs. 16 (2) Of the funds appropriated in this subsection, $176,000 17 shall be allocated for continuation of the contract with an 18 independent statewide direct care worker organization with 19 over twenty-five years of experience carrying out direct care 20 work force recruitment and retention initiatives that was 21 previously selected through a request for proposals process. 22 The contract shall continue to include performance and outcomes 23 measures, and shall continue to allow the contractor to use a 24 portion of the funds received under the contract to collect 25 data to determine results based on the performance and outcomes 26 measures. > 27 2. By renumbering as necessary. 28 ______________________________ HALL of Woodbury -1- HF766.1678 (1) 88 pf/rn 1/ 1 #1. #2.