House File 766 H-1176 Amend House File 766 as follows: 1 1. Page 79, after line 35 by inserting: 2 < DIVISION ___ 3 MINORITY IMPACT STATEMENTS 4 Sec. ___. NEW SECTION . 2.57 Minority impact statements. 5 1. Beginning January 1, 2020, a minority impact statement 6 shall be attached to each bill and joint resolution prior to 7 debate on the floor of a chamber of the general assembly. The 8 statement shall include information concerning the impact of 9 the legislation upon minority persons in the state, including 10 but not limited to the impact upon economic opportunities, 11 employment, incarceration, educational opportunities, voter 12 rights and voting access, and other relevant matters. The 13 statement shall be factual and shall, if possible, provide 14 a reasonable estimate of both the immediate effect and the 15 long-range impact upon minority persons. The legislative 16 services agency shall develop a protocol for analyzing the 17 impact of legislation on minority persons pursuant to this 18 section. For purposes of this section, “minority persons” means 19 the same as defined in section 8.11. 20 2. The legislative services agency shall cause to be 21 prepared a minority impact statement within a reasonable time 22 after a bill or joint resolution is placed on the calendar of 23 either chamber of the general assembly. All minority impact 24 statements approved by the legislative services agency shall be 25 transmitted immediately to either the chief clerk of the house 26 or the secretary of the senate, after notifying the sponsor 27 of the legislation that the statement has been prepared for 28 publication. The chief clerk of the house or the secretary 29 of the senate shall attach the statement to the bill or joint 30 resolution as soon as it is available. 31 3. The legislative services agency may request the 32 cooperation of any state department or agency or political 33 subdivision in preparing a minority impact statement. 34 4. A revised minority impact statement shall be prepared 35 -1- HF766.1576 (2) 88 pf/rn 1/ 2 #1.
if the minority impact has been changed by the adoption of an 1 amendment, and may be requested by a member of the general 2 assembly or be prepared upon a determination made by the 3 legislative services agency. However, a request for a revised 4 minority impact statement shall not delay action on the bill or 5 joint resolution unless so ordered by the presiding officer of 6 the chamber. > 7 2. By renumbering as necessary. 8 ______________________________ ABDUL-SAMAD of Polk ______________________________ GAINES of Polk ______________________________ R. SMITH of Black Hawk ______________________________ THEDE of Scott -2- HF766.1576 (2) 88 pf/rn 2/ 2 #2.