House File 766 H-1171 Amend House File 766 as follows: 1 1. By striking page 78, line 7, through page 79, line 35, 2 and inserting: 3 < DIVISION ___ 4 TASK FORCE ON ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY IN EXECUTIVE 5 BRANCH ADMINISTRATION 6 Sec. ___. TASK FORCE ON ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY IN 7 EXECUTIVE BRANCH ADMINISTRATION. 8 1. The legislative council shall establish a task force 9 on accountability and transparency in executive branch 10 administration to study and make recommendations regarding the 11 oversight and supervision of the executive or administrative 12 head of an agency of state government and the mechanisms in 13 place for employees under the authority of the executive or 14 administrative head of an agency to address human resource 15 matters. The task force may utilize the expertise of national 16 nonpartisan organizations such as the national conference of 17 state legislatures or the council of state governments to 18 facilitate the work of the task force, provide information, and 19 examine the policies and mechanisms utilized in other states. 20 The membership of the task force shall include, at a minimum, 21 the director of the department of administrative services, 22 a representative of the office of the governor, members of 23 the general assembly, and at least one individual with human 24 resource management expertise. The task force shall report its 25 findings and recommendations to the governor and the general 26 assembly by December 15, 2019. 27 2. For the purposes of this section: 28 a. “Agency of state government” means a department, 29 division or other subunit of a department, authority, 30 independent agency, board, or commission of the executive 31 branch of state government, including the state board of 32 regents. 33 b. “Executive or administrative head of an agency of state 34 government” means the elective officer, director, commissioner, 35 -1- HF766.1582 (2) 88 pf/rn 1/ 2 #1.
or other official in charge of the agency of state government, 1 including the executive officer, executive director, or 2 director of a board or commission who among other duties 3 performs administrative duties of the board or commission and 4 receives an annual salary for such service. > 5 2. By renumbering as necessary. 6 ______________________________ WESSEL-KROESCHELL of Story -2- HF766.1582 (2) 88 pf/rn 2/ 2 #2.