House File 500 H-1040 Amend House File 500 as follows: 1 1. Page 2, after line 27 by inserting: 2 < 7. a. A person shall not operate an electric scooter on 3 a highway, bikeway, or sidewalk unless financial liability 4 coverage is in effect for the electric scooter in the amounts 5 required for a motor vehicle under section 321A.1, subsection 6 11, and unless the person carries proof of financial liability 7 coverage while operating the electric scooter. Proof of 8 financial liability coverage may be produced in paper or 9 electronic format, which electronic format shall be an 10 acceptable electronic format as set forth in section 321.20B 11 for proof of motor vehicle financial liability coverage. 12 b. A person offering an electric scooter for rent or lease 13 shall offer to a person renting or leasing an electric scooter 14 the option to purchase financial liability coverage as part of 15 the rental or lease agreement. A person renting or leasing 16 an electric scooter shall either provide proof of financial 17 liability coverage to the person offering the electric scooter 18 for rent or lease or purchase financial liability coverage as 19 part of the rental or lease agreement. 20 c. The commissioner of insurance may adopt rules pursuant to 21 chapter 17A to administer this subsection. > 22 2. Page 2, line 28, by striking < 7. > and inserting < 8. > 23 ______________________________ HEDDENS of Story -1- HF500.968 (2) 88 ns/rh 1/ 1 #1. #2.