House Amendment to Senate Amendment to House File 2493 S-5304 Amend the Senate amendment, H-8467, to House File 2493, as 1 amended, passed, and reprinted by the House, as follows: 2 1. By striking page 1, line 31, through page 2, line 19, and 3 inserting: 4 < INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION OF IOWA FINANCE AUTHORITY 5 Sec. ___. FINANCIAL AND SEXUAL HARASSMENT INVESTIGATIONS 6 OF IOWA FINANCE AUTHORITY. The independent investigators who 7 have been selected to conduct an investigation of the Iowa 8 finance authority shall each submit a report with a summary of 9 the results of the independent investigator’s investigation 10 to the general assembly no later than December 1, 2018. The 11 financial investigation shall include an analysis of all 12 expenses reimbursed by the state to the former director of 13 the authority and all employees of the authority for the 14 period January 1, 2011, through June 30, 2018. Such expenses 15 shall include all travel, lodging, meals, beverages, personal 16 services, entertainment, office expenses, and all other 17 expenditures not included in the authority’s budget. The 18 financial investigation shall also include an analysis of any 19 personal financial or other personal accounts used by the 20 former authority director or any employee of the authority to 21 collect agency fees or other moneys collected by the authority. 22 The sexual harassment investigation shall include a review 23 of any conduct of current and former authority employees in 24 violation of a state human resources policy or an authority 25 personnel policy that is related to the termination of the 26 former director of the authority. > 27 2. By renumbering as necessary. 28 -1- H8467.5726.H (1) 87 md 1/ 1 #1.