Senate File 176 S-3344 Amend Senate File 176 as follows: 1 1. Page 5, by striking line 22 and inserting: 2 < TARGETED JOBS WITHHOLDING CREDIT 3 Sec. ___. Section 403.19A, subsection 1, Code 2017, is 4 amended by adding the following new paragraph: 5 NEW PARAGRAPH . 0d. “Laborshed wage” means the wage level 6 represented by those wages within two standard deviations 7 from the mean wage within the laborshed area in which the 8 eligible business is located, as calculated by the authority, 9 by rule, using the most current covered wage and employment 10 data available from the department of workforce development for 11 the laborshed area. The authority shall designate laborshed 12 areas by rule, in consultation with the department of workforce 13 development. 14 Sec. ___. Section 403.19A, subsection 1, paragraph g, Code 15 2017, is amended to read as follows: 16 g. “Targeted job” means a job in a business which is or will 17 be located in a pilot project city that pays a wage at least 18 equal to the countywide average laborshed wage. “Targeted job” 19 includes new or retained jobs from Iowa business expansions or 20 retentions within the city limits of the pilot project city and 21 those jobs resulting from established out-of-state businesses, 22 as defined by the economic development authority, moving to or 23 expanding in Iowa. > 24 2. By renumbering as necessary. 25 ______________________________ DAN ZUMBACH -1- SF176.2356 (1) 87 (amending this SF 176 to CONFORM to HF 621) aw/rj 1/ 1 #1. #2.