Senate File 32 S-3007 Amend Senate File 32 as follows: 1 1. By striking page 1, line 35, through page 2, 2 line 17, and inserting < is hair which would entail 3 removal of an article of clothing or urine, procedures 4 shall be established to provide for individual privacy 5 in the collection of the sample unless there is a 6 reasonable suspicion that a particular individual 7 subject to testing may alter or substitute the hair or 8 urine specimen sample to be provided, or has previously 9 altered or substituted a hair or urine specimen sample 10 provided pursuant to a drug or alcohol test. For 11 purposes of this paragraph, “individual privacy” means 12 a location at the collection site where hair collection 13 or urination can occur in private, which has been 14 secured by visual inspection to ensure that other 15 persons are not present, which provides that undetected 16 access to the location is not possible during hair 17 collection or urination, and which provides for the 18 ability to effectively restrict access to the location 19 during the time the specimen sample is provided. If 20 an individual is providing a hair or urine sample and 21 collection of the hair or urine sample is directly 22 monitored or observed by another individual, the 23 individual who is directly monitoring or observing 24 the collection shall be of the same gender as the 25 individual from whom the hair or urine sample > 26 ______________________________ WILLIAM A. DOTZLER, JR. -1- SF32.112 (2) 87 je/rj 1/ 1 #1.