House File 291 H-1091 Amend House File 291 as follows: 1 1. By striking everything after the enacting clause 2 and inserting: 3 < Section 1. Section 8F.3, subsection 1, paragraphs 4 b and d, Code 2017, are amended to read as follows: 5 b. Information regarding the training and education 6 received by the members of the governing body of 7 the recipient entity relating to the duties and 8 legal responsibilities of the governing body. The 9 information shall also include certification that 10 the members of the governing body have completed a 11 training program established pursuant to section 19B.7, 12 subsection 3. 13 d. Information regarding any policies adopted 14 by the governing body of the recipient entity that 15 prohibit taking adverse employment action against 16 employees of the recipient entity who disclose 17 information about a service contract , to include 18 information about the pay and benefits received by 19 an employee of a recipient entity, to the oversight 20 agency, the auditor of state, the office of the 21 attorney general, or the office of ombudsman and 22 that state whether those policies are substantially 23 similar to the protection provided to state employees 24 under section 70A.28 . The information provided shall 25 state whether employees of the recipient entity are 26 informed on a regular basis of their rights to disclose 27 information to the oversight agency, the office of 28 ombudsman, the auditor of state, or the office of the 29 attorney general and the telephone numbers of those 30 organizations. 31 Sec. 2. Section 19B.7, Code 2017, is amended by 32 adding the following new subsection: 33 NEW SUBSECTION . 3. The department of 34 administrative services, in coordination with 35 -1- HF291.336 (3) 87 je/rj 1/ 2 #1.
the Iowa civil rights commission, shall establish a 1 training program for prospective recipient entities, as 2 defined in section 8F.2, concerning the requirements 3 of this section, and chapter 216, relative to the 4 administration and promotion of equal opportunity and 5 the prohibition of discriminatory and unfair practices 6 within any program receiving or benefiting from state 7 financial assistance. The program shall specifically 8 include guidance relative to unfair employment 9 practices as described in section 216.6, and wage 10 discrimination in employment prohibitions as described 11 in section 216.6A. > 12 2. Title page, by striking lines 1 through 7 and 13 inserting < An Act relating to employment matters 14 involving service contract recipients. > 15 ______________________________ FINKENAUER of Dubuque -2- HF291.336 (3) 87 je/rj 2/ 2 #2.