House File 2417 S-5119 Amend House File 2417, as amended, passed, and 1 reprinted by the House, as follows: 2 1. By striking page 3, line 2, through page 4, line 3 33, and inserting: 4 < Sec. ___. Section 222.13, Code 2014, is amended to 5 read as follows: 6 222.13 Voluntary admissions. 7 1. If an adult person is believed to be a person 8 with an intellectual disability, the adult person or 9 the adult person’s guardian may submit a request in 10 writing through the central point of coordination 11 process for the county board of supervisors of the 12 adult person’s county of residence to apply to the 13 department and the superintendent of any state resource 14 center for the voluntary admission of the adult person 15 either as an inpatient or an outpatient of the resource 16 center. The board of supervisors shall, on forms 17 prescribed by the department’s administrator, apply 18 to the superintendent of the resource center in the 19 district for the admission of the adult person to the 20 resource center. If the expenses of the person’s 21 admission or placement are payable in whole or in 22 part by the person’s county of residence, application 23 for the admission shall be made through the regional 24 administrator for the county. An application for 25 admission to a special unit of any adult person 26 believed to be in need of any of the services provided 27 by the special unit under section 222.88 may be made in 28 the same manner , upon request of the adult person or 29 the adult person’s guardian . The superintendent shall 30 accept the application if a preadmission diagnostic 31 evaluation , performed through the central point of 32 coordination process, confirms or establishes the need 33 for admission, except that an application shall not 34 be accepted if the institution does not have adequate 35 facilities available or if the acceptance will result 36 in an overcrowded condition. 37 2. If the resource center has no does not have an 38 appropriate program for the treatment of an adult or 39 minor person with an intellectual disability applying 40 under this section or section 222.13A , the board of 41 supervisors regional administrator for the person’s 42 county of residence or the department, as applicable, 43 shall arrange for the placement of the person in any 44 public or private facility within or without the state, 45 approved by the director of the department of human 46 services, which offers appropriate services for the 47 person , as determined through the central point of 48 coordination process . If the expenses of the placement 49 are payable in whole or in part by a county, the 50 -1- HF2417.3701 (1) 85 jp/rj 1/ 4 #1.
placement shall be made by the regional administrator 1 for the county. 2 3. Upon applying for admission If the expenses of 3 an admission of an adult or minor person to a resource 4 center , or a special unit, or upon arranging for of 5 the placement of the person in a public or private 6 facility are payable in whole or in part by a county , 7 the board of supervisors regional administrator for 8 the county shall make a full investigation into the 9 financial circumstances of that the person and those 10 liable for that the person’s support under section 11 222.78 to determine whether or not any of them are able 12 to pay the expenses arising out of the admission of the 13 person to a resource center, special treatment unit, 14 or public or private facility. If the board regional 15 administrator finds that the person or those legally 16 responsible for the person are presently unable to pay 17 the expenses, the board shall direct that regional 18 administrator shall pay the expenses be paid by 19 payable by a county on behalf of the county. The board 20 regional administrator may review its such a finding 21 at any subsequent time while the person remains at the 22 resource center, or is otherwise receiving care or 23 treatment for which this chapter obligates the county 24 to pay. If the board regional administrator finds upon 25 review that the person or those legally responsible 26 for the person are presently able to pay the expenses, 27 the finding shall apply only to the charges incurred 28 during the period beginning on the date of the review 29 and continuing thereafter, unless and until the 30 board regional administrator again changes its such a 31 finding. If the board regional administrator finds 32 that the person or those legally responsible for the 33 person are able to pay the expenses, the board shall 34 direct that regional administrator shall collect the 35 charges be so paid to the extent required by section 36 222.78 , and the county auditor regional administrator 37 shall be responsible for the collection payment of the 38 remaining charges. > 39 2. Page 25, by striking lines 10 through 14 and 40 inserting: 41 < a. A county may split the The charges payable 42 by a county may be split between the county’s mental 43 health , intellectual disability, and developmental and 44 disabilities services fund created pursuant to section 45 331.424A and the county’s budget for substance abuse 46 substance related disorder expenditures. > 47 3. Page 44, after line 27 by inserting: 48 < Sec. ___. 2013 Iowa Acts, chapter 138, section 49 29, subsection 1, paragraph n, is amended to read as 50 -2- HF2417.3701 (1) 85 jp/rj 2/ 4 #2. #3.
follows: 1 n. For the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2013, 2 the reimbursement rates for inpatient mental health 3 services provided at hospitals shall be increased 4 by 1 percent over the rates in effect on June 30, 5 2013, subject to Medicaid program upper payment 6 limit rules; community mental health centers and 7 providers of mental health services to county residents 8 pursuant to a waiver approved under section 225C.7, 9 subsection 3 , shall be reimbursed at 100 percent of 10 the reasonable costs for the provision of services to 11 recipients of medical assistance; and psychiatrists 12 shall be reimbursed at the medical assistance program 13 fee-for-service rate. 14 Sec. ___. 2013 Iowa Acts, chapter 138, section 29, 15 subsection 1, is amended by adding the following new 16 paragraph: 17 NEW PARAGRAPH . 0o. For the fiscal year beginning 18 July 1, 2013, community mental health centers may 19 choose to be reimbursed for the services provided to 20 recipients of medical assistance through either of the 21 following options: 22 (1) For 100 percent of the reasonable costs of the 23 services. 24 (2) In accordance with the alternative 25 reimbursement rate methodology established by the 26 medical assistance program’s managed care contractor 27 for mental health services and approved by the 28 department of human services. > 29 4. Page 44, after line 29 by inserting: 30 < Sec. ___. EMERGENCY RULES. The department of 31 human services may adopt emergency rules under section 32 17A.4, subsection 3, and section 17A.5, subsection 2, 33 paragraph “b”, to implement the provisions of this Act 34 amending 2013 Iowa Acts, chapter 138, and the rules 35 shall be effective immediately upon filing unless 36 a later date is specified in the rules. Any rules 37 adopted in accordance with this section shall also be 38 published as a notice of intended action as provided 39 in section 17A.4. 40 Sec. ___. EFFECTIVE UPON ENACTMENT. The sections 41 of this Act amending 2013 Iowa Acts, chapter 138, and 42 relating to the amendments, being deemed of immediate 43 importance, take effect upon enactment. 44 Sec. ___. RETROACTIVE APPLICABILITY. The sections 45 of this Act amending 2013 Iowa Acts, chapter 138, and 46 relating to the amendments, apply retroactively to July 47 1, 2013. > 48 5. Title page, line 3, after < counties > by 49 inserting < , including reimbursement of community 50 -3- HF2417.3701 (1) 85 jp/rj 3/ 4 #4.
mental health centers under the medical assistance 1 program for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2013, and 2 including effective date and retroactive applicability 3 provisions. > 4 6. By renumbering as necessary. 5 ______________________________ JOE BOLKCOM -4- HF2417.3701 (1) 85 jp/rj 4/ 4 #6.