House Amendment to Senate File 2251 S-5080 Amend Senate File 2251, as passed by the Senate, as 1 follows: 2 1. By striking everything after the enacting clause 3 and inserting: 4 < Section 1. CHILD CARE ASSISTANCE ELIGIBILITY PILOT 5 PROJECT. 6 1. The department of human services shall implement 7 a pilot project in Hamilton, Lee, Pottawattamie, and 8 Scott counties for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 9 2014. Under the pilot project, for persons residing in 10 the pilot project counties, the department shall apply 11 revised requirements to authorize eligibility for the 12 state child care assistance program for the following 13 families who meet the program’s other eligibility 14 requirements: 15 a. Families with an income at or below 100 percent 16 of the federal poverty level whose members, for at 17 least 28 hours per week in the aggregate, are employed 18 or are participating at a satisfactory level in an 19 approved training program or educational program. 20 b. Families with an income of more than 100 percent 21 but not more than 145 percent of the federal poverty 22 level whose members, for at least 28 hours per week in 23 the aggregate, are employed or are participating at a 24 satisfactory level in an approved training program or 25 educational program. 26 2. The department shall report to the governor 27 and general assembly in January 2015 concerning the 28 pilot project. The department shall consult with 29 participating families, community colleges, united way 30 agencies, and other stakeholders in developing the 31 report. The information in the report shall provide 32 findings and recommendations and shall include but is 33 not limited to an analysis of the fiscal effect on 34 the program of applying the revised requirements, the 35 effect of the revised requirements on the current net 36 income and potential future income of the families 37 utilizing the revised eligibility requirements, and the 38 effect of applying the revised eligibility requirements 39 on a statewide basis. > 40 2. Title page, by striking lines 1 and 2 and 41 inserting < An Act providing for a state child care 42 assistance program eligibility pilot project. > 43 -1- SF2251.3397.H (2) 85 md 1/ 1 #1.