House File 2214 H-8252 Amend House File 2214 as follows: 1 1. By striking everything after the enacting clause 2 and inserting: 3 < Section 1. Section 321.1, Code Supplement 2011, is 4 amended by adding the following new subsection: 5 NEW SUBSECTION . 95. “Automated traffic law 6 enforcement system” means a device with one or more 7 sensors working in conjunction with a traffic control 8 signal or device or a speed-measuring device to produce 9 recorded images of vehicles being operated in violation 10 of traffic or speed laws. “Automated traffic law 11 enforcement system does not include a device operated 12 in the presence of a peace officer or a device mounted 13 on a school bus and operated in the presence of the 14 driver of the school bus. 15 Sec. 2. NEW SECTION . 321.5A Automated traffic 16 enforcement systems. 17 A local authority shall not use an automated traffic 18 enforcement system except as provided in this section. 19 1. A local authority may by ordinance authorize 20 the use of automated traffic enforcement systems to 21 detect violations of posted speed limits or official 22 traffic-control signals which constitute municipal or 23 county infractions. 24 2. A local authority shall provide signage, in 25 conformance with the uniform system adopted pursuant 26 to section 321.252, giving notice of the use of an 27 automated traffic enforcement system on the approach to 28 each location where an automated traffic enforcement 29 system is in use as follows: 30 a. A sign shall be posted on each road on the 31 approach to the next traffic-control signal where an 32 automated traffic enforcement system is in use. 33 b. A sign shall be posted on the approach to the 34 next speed limit zone on a road where an automated 35 traffic enforcement system is being used for speed 36 limit enforcement. 37 c. A temporary sign shall be positioned or posted 38 on the approach to each location where a mobile 39 automated traffic enforcement system is being used for 40 speed limit enforcement. 41 d. A temporary or permanent sign giving notice of 42 the use of an automated traffic enforcement system for 43 the enforcement of speed limits shall be positioned 44 or posted at a distance in advance of the automated 45 traffic enforcement system which, in relation to the 46 applicable speed limit, would provide adequate notice 47 to a motor vehicle operator travelling at the speed 48 limit before entering the range of the automated 49 traffic enforcement system. > 50 -1- HF2214.5079 (1) 84 dea/sc 1/ 2 #1.
2. Title page, line 1, by striking < prohibiting > 1 and inserting < relating to > 2 3. Title page, by striking line 2 and inserting 3 < systems. > 4 ______________________________ JORGENSEN of Woodbury -2- HF2214.5079 (1) 84 dea/sc 2/ 2 #2. #3.