House File 2214 H-8245 Amend House File 2214 as follows: 1 1. By striking everything after the enacting clause 2 and inserting: 3 < Section 1. Section 364.22, Code 2011, is amended 4 by adding the following new subsection: 5 NEW SUBSECTION . 16. a. A civil penalty imposed 6 for a motor vehicle violation under a city’s automated 7 traffic law enforcement program shall not exceed the 8 following amounts: 9 (1) For failure to obey an official traffic control 10 signal, an amount which is twenty-five dollars less 11 than the amount of the fine established in section 12 805.8A for an equivalent violation charged as a 13 scheduled violation. 14 (2) For a speeding violation, the amount of the 15 fine established in section 805.8A for an equivalent 16 speeding violation charged as a scheduled violation. 17 b. A city shall not charge the owner of a motor 18 vehicle administrative fees in addition to any civil 19 penalty imposed for a violation charged under the 20 city’s automated traffic law enforcement program. 21 c. (1) Notwithstanding section 364.22B or any 22 other provision to the contrary, a city shall not 23 contract with a private collection designee for 24 collection of a delinquent fine imposed for a motor 25 vehicle violation under a city’s automated traffic 26 law enforcement program sooner than six months after 27 the initial mailing of the notice of the fine to the 28 owner of the motor vehicle involved in the violation. 29 Not less than thirty days prior to contracting with a 30 private collection designee, the city shall send the 31 person responsible for the fine at least one notice 32 reminding the person of the delinquent debt and of the 33 city’s intended action with regard to collection of the 34 debt. 35 (2) A city shall not contract with a private 36 collection designee for collection of a delinquent 37 fine imposed for a motor vehicle violation under a 38 city’s automated traffic law enforcement program at any 39 time while the owner of the motor vehicle is pursuing 40 an appeal of the fine in accordance with the appeals 41 process established by the city by ordinance. 42 d. For purposes of this subsection: 43 (1) “Automated traffic law enforcement program” 44 means the utilization of one or more automated traffic 45 law enforcement systems to issue citations for civil 46 violations of traffic laws. 47 (2) “Automated traffic law enforcement system” 48 means a device with one or more sensors working in 49 conjunction with an official traffic control signal or 50 -1- HF2214.5073 (1) 84 dea/sc 1/ 2 #1.
a speed measuring device to produce recorded images 1 of vehicles being operated in violation of traffic or 2 speed laws. 3 Sec. 2. UNIFORM APPEALS PROCESS FOR AUTOMATED 4 TRAFFIC LAW ENFORCEMENT PROGRAMS. The department of 5 transportation shall coordinate a committee composed 6 of representatives selected by each city in Iowa 7 with an automated traffic law enforcement program and 8 representatives of any other Iowa cities desiring to 9 participate. The purpose of the committee shall be to 10 design a structured and uniform process for appealing 11 civil penalties imposed under automated traffic law 12 enforcement programs in cities throughout the state. 13 The department shall make a written report to the 14 general assembly on or before December 31, 2013, 15 describing the process agreed to by the committee. > 16 2. Title page, by striking lines 1 through 2 and 17 inserting < An Act relating to civil penalties imposed 18 by cities under an automated traffic law enforcement 19 program and providing for the adoption of a uniform 20 process for appeals. > 21 ______________________________ HALL of Woodbury -2- HF2214.5073 (1) 84 dea/sc 2/ 2 #2.