CCS-525 REPORT OF THE CONFERENCE COMMITTEE ON SENATE FILE 525 To the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives: We, the undersigned members of the conference committee appointed to resolve the differences between the Senate and House of Representatives on Senate File 525, a bill for an Act relating to reforming state and county responsibilities for adult disability services, making appropriations, and including effective date provisions, respectfully make the following report: 1. That the Senate amendment, H-1733, to the House amendment, S-3335, to Senate File 525, as amended, passed, and reprinted by the Senate, is amended to read as follows: 1. Page 1, by striking lines 13 through 15 and inserting: < ___. Page 1, by striking lines 44 through 47 and inserting < both chambers and from both political parties. >> 2. Page 1, by striking lines 22 through 28 and inserting < repeal provisions, the interim committee shall consider all funding sources for replacing the county authority to levy for adult disability services. >> 3. Page 1, by striking lines 33 through 45 and inserting: << g. Developing a proposal for addressing service provider and other workforce shortages. The development of the proposal shall incorporate an examination of scope of practice limitations and barriers to recruiting providers and maintaining the workforce, including recruitment of minorities and addressing cultural competency considerations for the workforce in general and for accrediting professional level providers, evaluating the impact of inadequate reimbursement, identifying the appropriate state role in providing the resources to ensure an appropriately trained workforce is available, and an examination of the variation in health >> -1- SF525.3394 (7) 84 jp/jp 1/ 2
CCS-525 4. Page 2, by striking lines 4 through 9 and inserting < representatives. The preliminary >> 5. Page 2, by striking lines 22 through 44. 6. Page 3, by striking lines 28 and 29 and inserting: < ___. Page 17, by striking line 2 and inserting < provided as a combination of all funding sources. >> ON THE PART OF THE SENATE: ______________________________ JACK HATCH, CHAIRPERSON ______________________________ JOE BOLKCOM ______________________________ DAVID JOHNSON ______________________________ AMANDA RAGAN ______________________________ PAT WARD ON THE PART OF THE HOUSE: ______________________________ LINDA UPMEYER, CHAIRPERSON ______________________________ LISA HEDDENS ______________________________ RENEE SCHULTE ______________________________ MARK SMITH ______________________________ -2- SF525.3394 (7) 84 jp/jp 2/ 2