Referred to in § 13.2, 331.307, 364.22, 701.1, 724.8, 724.15

708.1     Assault defined.
708.2     Penalties for assault.
708.2A   Domestic abuse assault--mandatory minimums, penalties enhanced--extension of no-contact order.
708.2B   Treatment of domestic abuse offenders.
708.2C   Assault in violation of individual rights--penalties.
708.3     Assault while participating in a felony.
708.3A   Assaults on peace officers, fire fighters, and health care providers.
708.3B   Inmate assaults--bodily fluids or secretions.
708.4     Willful injury.
708.5     Administering harmful substances.
708.6     Terrorism.
708.7     Harassment.
708.8     Going armed with intent.
708.9     Spring guns and traps.
708.10    Hazing.
708.11    Stalking.
708.12    Harassment and stalking--no-contact. 



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