Referred to in § 232.3, 597.15, 598.21, 602.8102(85)

598A.1   Legislative intent.
598A.2   Definitions.
598A.3   Jurisdiction.
598A.4   Notice--to whom.
598A.5   Notice--methods.
598A.6   Jurisdiction withheld.
598A.7   Inconvenient forum.
598A.8   Jurisdiction declined by reason of conduct.
598A.9   Information submitted to court.
598A.10  Additional parties.
598A.11  Appearance.
598A.12  Effect of custody decree.
598A.13  Out-of-state custody decree.
598A.14  Modification of custody decree of another state.
598A.15  Filing and enforcement of out-of-state decrees.
598A.16  Registry of out-of-state decrees.
598A.17  Certified copies.
598A.18  Taking testimony in another state.
598A.19  Hearings in another state.
598A.20  Assistance to courts of other states.
598A.21  Preservation of documents.
598A.22  Request for records.
598A.23  International application.
598A.24  Judicial priority.
598A.25  Short title. 



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