Referred to in § 425.11, 427A.1, 535B.1, 572.31, 669.14

499B.1   Short title.
499B.2   Definitions.
499B.3   Recording of declaration to submit property to regime.
499B.4   Contents of declaration.
499B.5   Contents of deeds of apartments.
499B.6   Copy of the floor plans to be filed.
499B.7   Interest in common elements--reference to them in instrument.
499B.8   Removal from provisions of this chapter.
499B.9   Removal no bar to subsequent resubmission.
499B.10  Individual apartments and interest in common elements are alienable.
499B.11  Real property tax and special assessments--levy on each apartment.
499B.12  Liens against apartments--removal from lien--effect of part payment.
499B.13  Limitation upon availability of partition--exception as to limitation of partition by joint ownership.
499B.14  Bylaws.
499B.15  Contents of bylaws.
499B.16  Disposition of property--destruction or damage.
499B.17  Lien against owner of unit.
499B.18  Common expenses before foreclosure.
499B.19  Common expenses after voluntary conveyance. 



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