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904.701 Services required---gratuitous allowances---hard labor---rules.

1. An inmate of an institution shall be required to perform hard labor which is suited to the inmate's age, gender, physical and mental condition, strength, and attainments in the institution proper, in the industries established in connection with the institution, or at such other places as may be determined by the director. Substantially equivalent hard labor programs shall be available to both male and female inmates. When an inmate of an institution is working outside the institution proper, the inmate shall be deemed at all times to be in the actual custody of the superintendent of the institution. Inmates performing hard labor on chain gangs at a location other than within or on the grounds of a correctional institution shall be attired in brightly colored uniforms that readily identify them as inmates of correctional institutions. Inmates performing other types of hard labor at locations other than within or on the grounds of a correctional institution may also be required by the department to wear the brightly colored uniforms. Inmates not required to wear brightly colored uniforms while performing hard labor shall be otherwise clearly designated as inmates of correctional institutions. The employment of inmates in hard labor shall not displace employed workers, shall not be applied to skills, crafts, or trades in which a local surplus of labor exists, and shall not impair existing contracts for employment or services.

2. The director may when practicable pay the inmate an allowance as the director deems proper in view of the circumstances, and in view of the cost attending the maintenance of the inmate. The allowance is a gratuitous payment and is not a wage arising out of an employment relationship. The payment shall not exceed the amount paid to free labor for a like or equivalent service.

3. For purposes of this section, "hard labor" means physical or mental labor which is performed for a period of time which shall average, as nearly as possible, forty hours each week, and may include useful and productive work, chain gangs, menial labor, substance abuse or sex offender treatment programs, any training necessary to perform any work required, and, if possible, work providing an inmate with marketable vocational skills. "Hard labor" does not include labor which is dangerous to an inmate's life or health, is unduly painful, or is required to be performed under conditions that would violate occupational safety and health standards applicable to such labor if performed by a person who is not an inmate.

4. Notwithstanding subsection 1, an inmate who has been determined by the director to be unsuitable for the performance of hard labor due to the inmate's age, gender, physical or mental condition, strength, or security status shall not be required to perform hard labor.

5. The department shall adopt rules to implement this section.

Section History: Recent form

83 Acts, ch 96, § 33, 159 ~ICS83, § 217A.46 ~I85 Acts, ch 21, §23, 54 ~ICS85, § 246.701 ~IC93, § 904.701 ~I95 Acts, ch 166, §1

Internal References

Referred to in § 904.702


Full implementation of hard labor requirements enacted in 1995 amendments not required until July 1, 1997; incremental implementation plan; guidelines; report to general assembly; 95 Acts, ch 166, §2

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