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523A.1 Trust fund established---insurance.

1. Whenever an agreement is made by any person, firm, or corporation to furnish, upon the future death of a person named or implied in the agreement, funeral services or funeral merchandise, a minimum of eighty percent of all payments made under the agreement shall be and remain trust funds until occurrence of the death of the person for whose benefit the funds were paid, unless the funds are sooner released to the person making the payment by mutual consent of the parties. Payments otherwise subject to this section are not exempt merely because they are held in certificates of deposit. The commissioner may adopt rules to prohibit the commingling of trust funds with other funds of the seller.

Interest or income earned on amounts deposited in trust under this section shall remain in trust under the same terms and conditions as the payments made under the agreement, except that the seller may withdraw so much of the interest or income as represents the difference between the amount needed to adjust the trust funds for inflation as set by the commissioner based on the consumer price index and the interest or income earned during the preceding year not to exceed fifty percent of the total interest or income, on a calendar year basis. The early withdrawal of interest or income pursuant to this provision does not affect the purchaser's right to the full refund or credit of such interest or income in the event the payments and interest in trust are released to the purchaser or in the event of a nonguaranteed price agreement, respectively. This provision does not affect the purchaser's right to a total refund of principal and interest or income in the event of nonperformance.

If an agreement pursuant to this section is to be paid in installment payments, the seller shall deposit eighty percent of each payment in trust until the full amount to be trusted has been deposited. If the agreement is financed with or sold to a financial institution, then the agreement shall be considered paid in full and the deposit requirements of this section shall be satisfied within fifteen days after the close of the month of receipt of the funds from the financial institution.

This section does not apply to payments for merchandise de- livered to the purchaser. Except for caskets and other types of inner burial containers or concrete burial vaults sold after July 1, 1995, delivery includes storage in a warehouse under the control of the seller or any other warehouse or storage facility approved by the commissioner when a receipt of ownership in the name of the purchaser is delivered to the purchaser, the merchandise is insured against loss, the merchandise is protected against damage, title has been transferred to the purchaser, the merchandise is appropriately identified and described in a manner that it can be distinguished from other similar items of merchandise, the method of storage allows for visual audits of the merchandise, and the annual reporting requirements of section 523A.2, subsection 1, are satisfied.

2. An agreement may be funded by insurance proceeds derived from a policy issued by an insurance company authorized to conduct business in this state. Such funding may be in lieu of a trust fund if the payments are made directly to the insurance company by the purchaser of the agreement.

Section History: Early form

[C54, 58, 62, 66, 71, 73, 75, 77, 79, 81, § 523A.1]

Section History: Recent form

87 Acts, ch 30, §3; 90 Acts, ch 1213, § 1; 95 Acts, ch 149, § 1, 2

Internal References

Referred to in § 523A.2, 523A.7, 523A.8, 523A.9, 523A.10, 523A.12, 523A.15, 523A.19, 523A.22, 523A.23, 523E.12

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