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99E.16 Licensing---bonds.

1. The commissioner shall license persons to sell lottery tickets or shares to best serve public convenience. The lottery division may sell tickets or shares to the public. Except for the lottery division, a licensee shall not engage in business exclusively to sell lottery tickets or shares. However, the board may approve a special license to permit a licensee or the lottery division itself to sell lottery tickets or shares to the public at special events approved by the board. Before issuing a license the commissioner shall consider the financial responsibility and security of the applicant, the applicant's business or activity, the accessibility of the applicant's place of business or activity to the public, the sufficiency of existing licensees to serve the public convenience, and the volume of expected sales. A licensee shall cooperate with the lottery by using point-of- purchase materials, posters, and other educational, informational, and marketing materials when requested to do so by the lottery. Lack of cooperation is sufficient cause for revocation of a person's license.

2. A licensee shall sell tickets or shares only on the premises stated in the license. Except for the lottery division, the licensee shall only sell a ticket or share in person and not over a telephone or through the mail. However, the lottery division may sell lottery tickets or shares over the telephone or through the mail. The licensee may accept payment by cash, check, money order, debit card, or electronic funds transfer. The licensee shall not extend or arrange credit for the purchase of a ticket or share. As used in this subsection "cash" means United States currency.

3. A licensee shall display the license or a copy of the license together with the lottery rules wherever tickets or shares are sold. A license is not assignable or transferable. The commissioner may issue a temporary license when deemed necessary.

4. The commissioner may require a bond from a licensee in an amount as provided in the rules graduated according to the volume of expected sales of lottery tickets or shares by the licensee, or may require a licensee to furnish evidence of financial responsibility.

5. A bond shall not be canceled by a surety on less than thirty days' notice in writing to the commissioner. If a bond is canceled and the licensee fails to file a new bond with the commissioner in the required amount on or before the effective date of cancellation, the licensee's license shall be automatically suspended. A suspended license shall be revoked if the requirements of this subsection are not met within thirty days of the license suspension. The total and aggregate liability of the surety on the bond is limited to the amount specified in the bond.

6. Subject to the approval of the board, the commissioner may authorize compensation to licensees in the manner and amounts and subject to the limitations the commissioner determines if the commissioner finds that compensation is necessary to assure adequate availability of lottery tickets or shares.

7. A license shall be granted only after the commissioner finds all of the following:

a. The applicant is at least eighteen years of age.

b. The person has not been convicted of a fraud or a felony.

c. The person has not been convicted or found to have committed a violation of this chapter.

d. The person has not previously had a license issued under this chapter revoked.

e. The person has not had a license to sell lottery tickets or shares in another jurisdiction suspended or revoked by the authority regulating a lottery or by a court of that jurisdiction.

f. The applicant has demonstrated financial responsibility sufficient to adequately meet the requirements of the proposed enterprise.

g. The applicant is the true owner of the proposed lottery business and that all persons holding at least a ten percent ownership interest in the applicant's business have been disclosed.

h. The applicant has not knowingly made a false statement of material fact to the commission.

8. If after a license is granted the commissioner finds that the licensee has violated this section, then the commissioner shall revoke the license.

Section History: Recent form

85 Acts, ch 33, §116; 86 Acts, ch 1042, § 7, 8

Internal References

Referred to in § 99E.9, 99E.20

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