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455A.4 General powers and duties of the director.

1. Except as otherwise provided by law and subject to rules adopted by the natural resource commission and the environmental protection commission, the director shall:

a. Plan, direct, coordinate, and execute the functions vested in the department.

b. Provide overall supervision, direction, and coordination of functions to be administered by the administrators under chapters 321G, 455B, 455C, 456A, 456B, 457A, 458A, 460A, 461A, 462A, 462B, 464A, 465C, 473, 481A, 481B, 483A, 484A, and 484B.

c. Annually compile a comprehensive program budget which reflects all fiscal matters related to the operation of the department and each program, subprogram, and activity in the department in accordance with section 8.23.

d. Submit a biennial or an annual report to the governor and the general assembly, in accordance with chapter 7A.

e. Employ personnel as necessary to carry out the functions vested in the department consistent with chapter 19A unless the positions are exempt from that chapter.

f. Devote full time to the duties of the director's office.

g. Not be a candidate for nor hold any other public office or trust, nor be a member of a political committee.

h. Maintain an office at the state capitol complex, which is open at all reasonable times for the conduct of public business.

i. Adopt rules in accordance with chapter 17A as necessary or desirable for the organization or reorganization of the department.

j. Submit a report to the natural resource commission before January 15, 1992, and every five years thereafter, which shall include but not be limited to information on the following topics:

(1) The classification of the state's parks, recreation areas, and preserves and recommendations for their reclassification based upon present and future use.

(2) Methods for maintaining the diversity of animal and plant life in state parks, recreation areas, and preserves.

(3) Options to achieve controlled deer hunting in order to prevent overpopulation of deer.

(4) Prevention of economic damage to private property which is located adjacent to state parks, recreation areas, and preserves.

The portion of the report dealing with preserves shall be prepared in conjunction with the state advisory board for preserves. A copy of the report shall be made available to members of the general assembly by sending a copy of the report to the chief clerk of the house of representatives, the secretary of the senate, and the director of each of the caucus or research staffs of the general assembly.

2. All powers and duties vested in the director may be delegated by the director to an employee of the department, but the director retains the responsibility for an employee's acts within the scope of the delegation.

3. The director and other officers and employees of the department are entitled to receive, in addition to salary, their actual and necessary travel and related expenses in- curred in the performance of official business.

4. The director shall obtain an adequate public employees fidelity bond to cover those officers and employees of the department accountable for property or funds of this state.

5. The department may accept payment of any fees, interest, penalties, subscriptions, or other payments due or collected by the department, or any portion of such payments, by credit card. The department may adjust the amount of the payment to reflect the costs of processing the payment as determined by the treasurer of state and the payment by credit card shall include, in addition to all other charges, any discount charged by the credit card issuer.

Section History: Recent form

86 Acts, ch 1245, § 1804; 90 Acts, ch 1105, § 1; 90 Acts, ch 1108, § 2; 91 Acts, ch 154, § 1; 92 Acts, ch 1160, § 22

Internal References

Referred to in § 455B.298, 455B.484, 455E.8, 455E.11, 465A.4, 473.15

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