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321.40 Application for renewal---notification---reasons for refusal.

Application for renewal of a vehicle registration shall be made on or after the first day of the month of expiration of registration and up to and including the last day of the month following the month of expiration of registration. The registration shall be renewed upon payment of the appropriate registration fee.

On or before the fifteenth day of the month of expiration of a vehicle's registration the county treasurer shall send a statement by mail of fees due to the appropriate owner of record. The statement shall be mailed to the most current address of record, showing information sufficient to identify the vehicle and a listing of the various fees as appropriate. Failure to receive a statement shall have no effect upon the accrual of penalty at the appropriate date. This paragraph applies to counties with a population of one hundred thousand or more. This paragraph applies to any county with a population of less than one hundred thousand at the discretion of the county treasurer.

Registration receipts issued for renewals shall have the word "renewal" imprinted thereon and, if the owner making a renewal application has been issued a certificate of title, the title number shall appear on the registration receipt. All registration receipts for renewals shall be typewritten or printed by other mechanical means. The applicant shall receive a registration receipt.

The county treasurer shall refuse to renew the registration of a vehicle registered to a person when notified that there is a warrant outstanding for that person's arrest out of a court located within that county and the warrant arises out of the alleged violation of a provision of this chapter or of an ordinance adopted by a local authority relating to the stopping, parking or operation of a vehicle or the regulation of traffic. Each clerk of court in this state shall, by the last day of each month, notify the county treasurer of that county of all persons against whom such an arrest warrant has been issued and is outstanding. Immediately upon the cancellation or satisfaction of such an arrest warrant the clerk of court shall notify the person against whom the arrest warrant was issued and the county treasurer if that person's name appeared on the last list furnished to the county treasurer. This paragraph does not apply to the transfer of a registration or the issuance of a new registration. The provisions of this paragraph are applicable to counties with a population of two hundred thousand or more. The provisions of this paragraph shall be applicable to any county with a population of less than two hundred thousand upon the adoption of a resolution by the county board of supervisors so providing.

The county treasurer shall refuse to renew the registration of a vehicle registered to the applicant for renewal of registration if the applicant has failed to pay any local vehicle taxes due in that county on that vehicle or any other vehicle owned or previously owned by the applicant until such local vehicle taxes are paid.

When application is made for the renewal of a motor vehicle registration on or after December 1, 1982, the person in whose name the registration is recorded shall notify the county treasurer of the type of fuel used by the vehicle if the type of fuel used is different from that which is shown on the registration receipt. If a motor vehicle registration indicates that the vehicle uses or may use a special fuel as defined in chapter 452A the county treasurer shall issue a special fuel user identification sticker. The person who owns or controls the vehicle shall affix the sticker in a prominent place on the vehicle adjacent to the place where the special fuel is delivered into the motor vehicle fuel supply tank.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

82 Acts, ch 1062, § 6, 7, 38; 85 Acts, ch 32, §78; 85 Acts, ch 77, §1; 85 Acts, ch 87, §2

Internal References

Referred to in § 321.34, 321.236, 331.557, 422B.2

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