Bill Bill Title Legislators Meetings
HF 482 A bill for an act concerning rules requiring hospitals to establish protocols regarding certain veterans seeking mental health services and treatment.
HF 2045 A bill for an act establishing a veterans recovery pilot program and fund for the reimbursement of expenses related to providing hyperbaric oxygen treatment to eligible veterans. (See HF 2355.)
HF 2153 A bill for an act establishing an Iowa national service corps program administered by the Iowa commission on volunteer service. (See HF 2420.)
HSB 538 A bill for an act concerning the department of veterans affairs relating to membership on the commission of veterans affairs, expenditures from the veterans trust fund, and providing an appropriation to the state veterans cemetery account. (See HF 2346; HF 2471.)
HSB 540 A bill for an act concerning the display of the POW/MIA flag on public buildings.
  • 01/01/1776 12:01 AM
HSB 556 A bill for an act providing for procedures relating to a denial of admission to the Iowa veterans home.
HSB 580 A bill for an act regulating veterans’ benefit services and related events, by requiring certain disclosures and making penalties applicable. (See HF 2368.)
HSB 587 A bill for an act relating to the national guard, by authorizing a morale, welfare, and recreation activity and establishing procedures concerning notification of civilian authorities regarding certain criminal offenses committed by members of the national guard. (See HF 2319.)
SF 2365 A bill for an act relating to assistance animals and service animals in housing and misrepresentation of an animal as a service animal or a service-animal-in-training and providing penalties and including applicability provisions. (Formerly SSB 3148.)