Date & Time/Public Comments Bill Bill Title Legislators
SF 2111 A bill for an act relating to the state military forces by establishing response and reporting requirements for the handling of allegations of sexual abuse in the state military forces. (See SF 2321.)
SSB 3122 A study bill for an act relating to property taxes of veterans by providing an additional homestead credit for certain disabled veterans, modifying the military service property tax exemption and credit, making penalties applicable, and including applicability provisions. 01/28/14 Ragan, Sodders, Segebart
SSB 3123 A study bill for an act permitting the adjutant general to procure and issue Cold War victory awards to eligible persons. 01/28/14 Horn, Ragan, Rozenboom
SSB 3124 A study bill for an act concerning the issuance of disabled veteran motor vehicle registration plates to certain disabled veterans. 01/28/14 Danielson, Sodders, Chelgren
  • 01/01/1776 12:01 AM
  • SSB 3125 A study bill for an act exempting from the state individual income tax the federal retirement pay of a resident received for military service and including retroactive applicability provisions. 01/28/14 Hart, Beall, Rozenboom
    SSB 3178 A study bill for an act relating to the home ownership assistance program for military members. 02/13/14 Danielson, Ragan, Rozenboom