Bills Sponsored By Committee

Economic Growth (H)

Bill Bill Title
HF 362 A bill for an act relating to the construction of child care facilities by providing developers with sales and use tax refunds and income, franchise, moneys and credits, and gross premiums tax credits, providing for a fee, and including applicability provisions.(Formerly HF 2; See HF 712.)
HF 363 A bill for an act permitting businesses’ new onsite daycare facilities or businesses’ expansion of existing onsite daycare facilities to qualify as projects under the high quality jobs program, and making penalties applicable.(Formerly HF 3; See HF 606.)
HF 582 A bill for an act relating to affordable housing, disaster housing assistance, and redevelopment tax credits by creating an Iowa housing tax credit program, modifying distribution of real estate transfer taxes, modifying workforce housing tax incentives, including a downtown loan guarantee program, creating a disaster housing recovery assistance program and an eviction prevention program, providing for a fee, and including effective date and applicability provisions.(Formerly HSB 178.)
HF 586 A bill for an act relating to the development and utilization of high-speed electronic transmission mediums. (Formerly HSB 53.)
HF 778 A bill for an act creating a vacant school building demolition grant program and fund.(Formerly HF 216.)
HF 781 A bill for an act relating to the practice of interior design, providing penalties, and including effective date provisions.(Formerly HSB 238.)
HF 787 A bill for an act establishing a butchery innovation and revitalization fund and program to be administered by the economic development authority and creating a task force to explore the feasibility of establishing an artisanal butchery program at a community college or at an institution governed by the state board of regents.(Formerly HF 670; See HF 857.)
HF 789 A bill for an act relating to matters under the purview of the economic development authority, including tax credit programs, statewide tourism, incentives for manufacturers to invest in smart technologies, and an energy infrastructure revolving loan program, and making appropriations.(Formerly HSB 233.)
HF 812 A bill for an act regarding port authorities, including by allowing port authorities to enter into certain loan agreements and lease contracts.(Formerly HSB 204.)