Bills Sponsored By Committee

Agriculture (S)

Bill Bill Title
SF 265 A bill for an act providing for the sale of certain mushrooms at farmers markets, and providing an effective date. (Formerly SSB 1111.) Effective 5-3-19.
SF 427 A bill for an act relating to the powers and duties of the department of agriculture and land stewardship, by changing the name of the weather bureau, modifying reporting requirements regarding agricultural liming material, modifying provisions applicable to demonstration projects involving alternative fuels, transferring certain Code sections, providing for the use of certain appropriated moneys for surface water quality, and eliminating certain watershed demonstration pilot projects. (Formerly SSB 1182; See SF 614.)
SF 444 A bill for an act providing for a beginning farmer tax credit program, providing for fees, and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions. (Formerly SSB 1181; See SF 624.)
SF 519 A bill for an act relating to an offense involving trespass to agricultural production facilities, providing penalties, and including effective date provisions. (Formerly SSB 1227.) Effective 3-14-19.
SF 554 A bill for an act establishing a pesticide administration and enforcement fund and making appropriations. (Formerly SF 370; See SF 601.)
SF 555 A bill for an act relating to weight limitations for certain implements of husbandry. (Formerly SSB 1217.) Effective 7-1-19.
SF 591 A bill for an act relating to the mistreatment of certain animals other than livestock and wildlife, by providing for criminal offenses, and including penalties. (Formerly SF 57.)