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A bill for an act relating to human growth and development course enrollment at school districts and to pupil attendance at educational conferences or seminars in which human growth and development information is provided.
Subcommittee members: Rozenboom-CH, Quirmbach, Salmon
Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2024
Time: 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
Location: Senate Lounge
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Courtney Collier []
I support SF 2027. As a parent of 3 students, I want to be informed by the school in advance of the details of the human growth and development course taught by the school, then I will make a decision as to whether my children with participate.
Oliver Bardwell [Iowans 4 Freedom]
I support this legislation. In a world where sex ed, especially CSE, has become more of a "how to" guide than what it was originally designed to be, parents need transparency and a choice. This legislation empowers parents to determine if what is being taught aligns with their families values.
Teri Patrick []
I support SF2027. Parents ultimately determine what is appropriate for their children and I feel that Human Growth and development should be opt in. In order for parents to make that decision there should be full transparency into what is being covered and who is providing the instruction. Letters get sent home, but they do not go into detail of what is actually being covered and who is providing the resources. There were two situations I know of last year where ETR was providing instruction and materials and they have ties to Planned Parenthood. As the influence of Comprehensive Sex Ed is becoming more prevalent parents need the information to understand exactly what that entails and make a decision based on the that information.
Kelly Smith []
I support SF 2027 and ask you to do the same. Parents have a right to know what their children are learning. To change this to opt in vs. opt out is to truly put the control in the hands of the parents where it belongs. I have first hand experience trying to get curriculum information for a health course and it was not an easy process. We did end up opting our child out of health and it was a lengthy process with lots of opposition from administrators.
Sara Ferneding []
I am in support of SF2027. As a parent concerned about the lack of transparency & communication from the school in regard to what is being taught to my children, I think this law is crucial. Especially when it comes to sensitive subjects such as human growth & development where family values, views & morals could potentially be disrespected given today's gender & sexuality ideology perspectives. I am in favor of this bill & the Opt IN requirement as well as the instructional notification requirements. Thank you.
Jenn Turner []
Please support SF 2027. This is a good bill that provides transparency and involves parents on important discussions with their children.