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Subcommittee members: Schultz-CH, Bisignano, Boulton, Bousselot, Webster
Date: Monday, February 20, 2023
Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Location: Room G15
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William Owens [Iowa Child Advocacy Board]
Please see the attached letter regarding the realignment of ICAB (foster care review and CASA) with HHS. I would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for your attention.
Kailey Ferris []
Hi. My name is Kailey Ferris. I am Deaf myself. I have been a born and raised Floridian recently moved to Omaha. I can vouch for the profound impact Iowa School for the Deaf has on me as a Deaf individual. I have made some friends immediately upon moving here. The sense of community is strong in Iowa (and Nebraska!), and we have ISD to thank for that! I would like to see Iowa School for the Deaf remain the way it is or to fight with everything in our power to keep the school. The changes from moving the school to under the Board of Education from Board of Regents does scares the Deaf community because we have seen this happen with Nebraska School for the Deaf. NSD was important to the Deaf community and it has greatly suffered because it has shut down. If Iowa School for the Deaf closes, what will our Deaf community do? The sense of community and comrade in our culture is so important. The school provides resources for our Deaf children. Deaf children are able to make friends who are like them. Full access to communication. ISD provides jobs for our Deaf staff who otherwise might struggle to find a job with lack of accessibility and accommodations. Nebraska and Iowa's Deaf community remain strong because of events held at ISD. Deaf schools from all over compete at ISD (sports), they recently won a cheerleading award! We feel there is a sense of community where we understand each other's struggles and we feel a deep bond with our Deaf community. It is not just a disability. There is a culture too! and ISD helps feed that culture. Iowa School for the Deaf is all inclusive and everything in its' power should be made to keep Iowa School for the Deaf (and blind!) remain in our community. Thanks for reading and listening to our concerns.Sincerely,Kailey Ferris
Kailey Ferris []
Attached Document, easier to read.
Shirley Hampton []
Submitting a file relating to the language in SSB about Iowa School for the Deaf.