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A bill for an act relating to the organization, structure, and functions of state government, providing for salaries of appointed state officers, providing for confirmation of appointments, providing for penalties, making appropriations, providing Code editor directives and transition provisions, and including applicability and effective date provisions.(See SF 514.)
Subcommittee members: Schultz-CH, Bisignano, Boulton, Bousselot, Webster
Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Location: Room G15
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William Owens [Iowa Child Advocacy Board]
Please see the attached letter regarding the realignment of ICAB (foster care review and CASA) with HHS. I would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for your attention.
Tasha Welsh []
To Whom it may Concern,In the past the Department for the Blind has been overseen by a commission of independent citizens who are blind or have the priorities of the blind in mind when leading the organization. It has been proposed by Senate Bill 1123division 13 and HSB 126 division 13 to remove the powers of the commission to appoint the officers of the Department for the Blind and put this in the hands of the governor. The commission has been made up of the blind residents of this state and this will effectively remove the power of the blind residents of this state to make sure they have effective and efficient education to make them better members of the state and their communities.I have a progressive eye condition that is causing me to lose my vision. In the past two years I have started to use the services of the Department for the Blind and the services provided have made me into a more independent and confident person because of the training I have received from the Department for the Blind. The awareness, knowledge, and experience of training under successful blind staff gave me the skills and ability to advocate for myself and other blind individuals.I fear that bringing the Iowa Department for the Blind under the governors direct control will cause undue hardship to an already disadvantaged part of the population. Please strike the changes to be made by Senate bill 1123 and HSB 126 concerning the Department for the Blinds control being removed from the citizens it is there to assist and putting the powers of control under the governor and any current or future political dynamics that may happen to them. The Department for the Blind would be best served by not proceeding with any changes and assigning commission members that will assign the director of the Commission for the Blind and determine the most needed services for the blind population of Iowa.Id be happy to speak with anyone further if anyone has any questions or commentsSincerely,Tasha Welsh