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A bill for an act providing for the conduct of licensed veterinarians when involved in certain legal matters involving the alleged mistreatment of animals, including by providing for immunity from administrative, civil, or criminal liability when acting in good faith; providing for administrative, civil, or criminal liability when not acting in good faith; and making penalties applicable.(See SF 316.)
Subcommittee members: Dawson-CH, Bisignano, Driscoll
Date: Tuesday, February 7, 2023
Time: 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: Room 315
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Betsy Fickel []
I am AGAINST this bill as it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, both federally and state.The Iowa Constitution os very explicit in Article 1, Sec. 6. "....the General Assembly shall NOT grant to any citizen, or class of citizens, privileges or IMMUNITIES, which upon the same terms shall equally belong to ALL citizens." Emphasis is mine.The federal granting of qualified immunity is not constitutional nor is it legal. It was dreamed up by the United States Supreme Court. The judicial system cannot make law, only the Congress can do so.This special immunity bill is carving out prejudicial and preferential treatment is it not?Why would a veterinary need immunity if they are telling the truth?This bill creates a double does one determine the difference of good faith and concealed intent?What aabout the confidentialtiy of veterinarty and patient?I could go on, but will save my breath as it is already predetermined this bill will pass subcommittee. This hearing is nothing more than performing a formality. One last thought. How does passing an unconstitutional bill proposal honor your oath of office to uphold the Constitutions? How does it reflect on a legislators integrity and promises to their constituents and all Iowans?
Betsy Fickel [New Hope Kennel]
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