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Subcommittee meeting and times are as follows:
A bill for an act relating to property law, including mobile homes and manufactured housing, rental agreements, landlord and tenant remedies for retaliation, wrongful failure to provide essential services, rent increases, the sale of manufactured home community or mobile home park, the repeal of the manufactured home community and mobile home tax, forcible entry and detainer actions, abandoned mobile homes, and including effective date and applicability provisions.(Formerly HF 833, HF 442; See HF 2562.)
Subcommittee members: Lohse-CH, James, Kaufmann
Date: Tuesday, March 1, 2022
Time: 8:15 AM - 8:45 AM
Location: RM 304
Names and comments are public records. Remaining information is considered a confidential record.
Comments Submitted:

Karla Krapfl [Table Mound Mobile Home]
This bill isn't going to help residents of mobile home parks,it's going to hurt them but oh wait it will benefit the corporations that have bought us all out and caused all these problems. WE NEED CAPPED RENT INCREASES our park just received rent increases anywhere from $30$56 not one set rate but 6 different amounts, with the highest going to the residents who have been here the longest,and who are those residents but our elderly,disabled and veterans. We really need help now before you have alot of homeless people. THE CITIZENS OF IOWA VOTED YOU ALL IN TO HELP THE PEOPLE AND NOT OUT OF STATE CORPORATIONS WHERE THE MONEY DOESN'T EVEN STAY IN IOWA.
Heather Hix []
Did you know that in Johnson County, outofstate investment firms now own 1,471 of the 2,194 spaces in mobile home parks, excluding MHPs in Iowa City? And did you know that already, many of those residents have had rent increases of about $200.00/month, and that in just a few years, unless you put into law rent caps, all of the MHP residents in the county will be in the same boatif not worse? That is $200.00 per month that those residents don't have to spend in their local community. Here are the numbers. 1,471 x $200 = $294,200.00 per month. Multiply that by 12 months and you get $3,530,400.00 per year going to outofstate investment firms and not into the local community. And that's just Johnson County. I think the local business owners will care when they learn this.$3,530,400.00. Per year. Think about that.
mike lawrence []
This bill is a joke. It does nothing to help the residents. It only serves to help the landowners harm Iowans. I have lived in a mobile home park in Cedar Rapids for 18 years. Two years ago the park was sold with no knowledge to any tenet. The previous owner intentionally hid the fact it was for sale and bragged after the sale that "no one was to know if it". He sold it to a California group that is known for being a slum lord. Lot rent jumped up immediately. There was just an increase in rent prior to the sale so there was no justifiable reason to raise rent again so soon. We have had multiple rent increases in the last 2 years. The reasons are all lies. The reasons stated are cost of doing business. The park has had no maintenance at all. The park has deteriorated and living conditions have suffered, yet rent keeps going up.At one point police calls were as much as 7 per day. The C.R. nuisance abetment program did nothing to stop the issues as they say it is private property. I, myself have made dozens of calls to police for the criminal acts in this park. With no maintenance and extremely poor manager, the park is one of the worst in Eastern Iowa.With no caps on rent, this allows slum lords to continue to abuse tenets and keep raising rent, when doing no actual maintenance or repairs. It is all greed to make more income. I have open Iowa Civil Rights Commission complaints against the land owner and manager for horrific acts against my disability. Included is the refusal to allow me a handicap ramp and refusal to fix a large, elevated crack in the concrete. There was also a deadly, life threatening tree, that continued to injure me and damage my home and vehicles for an entire year. The manager refused to do anything about it and was aggressive and used profanity at me every time I reported the injuries and damage. I supplied videos of the acts and pictures. The manager and park owners continued to abuse me and nothing can be done about it. Iowa Legal Aid refused to get involved because they claim they do not handle cases of damages or personal injuries. With my making complaints to the ICRC, Iowa Legal Aid said they also do not assist in those matters. So low income disabled people have Zero resources when it comes to mobile home parks.The manager attacked another tenet and was charged in court. She bragged about it and bragged she would do it again. She has threatened me multiple times and there is nothing I can do. She has waived a gun while chasing me in her truck on the roadway outside the park. There is no help from lawyers and Iowa law supports landlords so they are free to do whatever they want to tenets. In emails to the landlord, the stated they fully support her. The landlord even attempted to block all means for me to submit evidence to the ICRC. I have multiple ICRC retaliation complaints because of the acts of the landlord and manager. There is no protection from band landlords and managers currently in Iowa laws. With the new sale of the park all tenets had to sign a lease. No tenet was allowed to keep copies of it. It had to be turned back in to the manager. The manager refuses to provide any copies of it, even after over a dozen attempts to get a copy. Later I have learned the signed lease is not a lease at all. It is just a set of rules. So each tenet is on a monthtomonth stated lease as there is no signed lease by the park owners or manager. Any tenet can be evicted at any time. We have had 7 people evicted in the last 2 years that I know of. Iowa allows the abuse and eviction of tenets for no reason. With no lease, and with Iowas laws, any tenet can be evicted and no cause needs to be listed. As a lawyer told me, if a park owner doesnt like your hair color, they can evict you. It is pathetic how Iowa allows the rampant abuse of tenets and protects the landlords. With drug labs, fighting, revving of vehicles and burnouts, nightly fireworks, bon fires allowed to smolder for 14 hours straight, and even gun violence right in front of my window, Iowa law allows landlords to do whatever they want with no disciple or penalties at all.The manager routinely makes up new rules for anyone that is not in her personal clique of friends. You are threatened with eviction regularly and given fines for things you knew nothing about. I was threatened to have my handicap van towed because the manager claimed it had not moved. In a call with the landlord, I was told I need to drive every day. I am disabled and rarely go out (partly because of the park refusing me the ability to have a handicap ramp) . I was told I need to drive every day regardless of that fact. People like me have to go so far above and beyond with security cameras to prove what is happening it is just sickening. All attempts to contact the city of Cedar Rapids for help goes ignored or responded with, Its a private property and there are no laws regarding the issues in mobile home parks. So when the issue of gun rights come up, and the antigun people say it is The old west to try and dramatize issues. I am living in a old west situation as there has been multiple gun fights, and criminal activity on a daily bases for years. This all started when the park was bought by an outside owner in California. Iowa is severely lacking in laws for mobile home parks. During the Covid shutdown and rent memorandum, people like me had no help. The news bragged that no one can be evicted if you fill out the form. What the news didnt say, and what Iowa Legal Aid had no idea about was, people that owned their mobile home but pay lot rent had Zero protection. People were evicted from our park during the time frame. I had to argue with ILA about the issue and they finally researched it and found I was correct. Now, a year later ILA put that important info on their website. If it was not for me, they would have continued to give false info to mobile home owners. It only covered renters and someone that owns a mobile home is not considered a renter under Federal rules. So again mobile home tenets are abused.Our park also has refused payments from outside agencies to pay rent. The Iowa Finance Authority and the HACAP IRUP programs attempted to get rent payments to the park. The park refused each time. So we had the unbearable stress of having to make sure rent was paid each and every month while hundreds of thousands of people did not have to pay rent and relied on the agencies to pay on their behalf later.Iowa does not force landlords to accept rent payments. This is widely known by the slum lords. They use this as a tactic to evict tenets as they are not bound to accept payment from any outside source. The main reason being, they have to wave a late fee to accept payments and payments might take a few weeks to be received. That is pathetic. Our park changed to a $60 late fee on the 5th day and eviction on the 8th day. But when trying to get full payment to the park in advance, they fully refuse it and send 3 day demands and eviction threats. Recently I was told by HACAP a 3 month payment was going to me because the park had refused to respond to them for the IRUP program. Then I was given a 3 day notice to pay or be evicted. It turned out the park did get into contact with HACAP and told them they would opt in and fill out the form. Then they refused so HACAP made no payment. HCAP also did not approve my application for 4 months and the program ran out of funds. The City made a special allotment to pay the 160 people that were approved, but I was not one of them. So we had to go back to ILA again and were only told at 15 mins to the closing of the day on Friday that even though the park had refused payment, told HACAP to not send payment to me, and the park had a history of refusing payment, I cannot use that in court as a defense saying the park refused rent payment. The law allows them to refuse payment so the burden falls right back onto the tent. So I had to cover rent by the next day, on a Saturday to avoid eviction. All agencies are closed on the weekend and ILA knew this. The law supports the landlord refusing outside payments so the stress is obscene. So I have to suffer mental breakdowns as there is no help and the law supports these acts against tenets. The stress is so great, suicide is a normal thought. The acts of the park manager and owners caused me do be diagnosed with severe depression and sever anxiety, with severe suicidal ideations. Iowa allows this as they do nothing to protect the tenets. This bill shown is a joke and no thought has gone into it. It is pure fluff and only supports the landlords and harms the tenants. A real bill needs written and passed to protect tenets from harmful landlords and steep penalties for violations against tenets.Our mobile home was damaged in the Derecho and the park harasses me about it. The park caused us to be denied home insurance because of their refusal to deal with the dangerous tree so insurance sent them a letter stating we could not have coverage until the tree is taken down. The park stalled an entire year and then the Derecho hit. Then I was told to my face F*** off by the manager and go F*** yourself, it was an act of GOD, we are not paying for S**t.The park refuses to pay for damages and FEMA keeps denying payment. So we cant move into another park as no park will accept a damaged home. So people like me are left to fend for ourselves with no help from anyone. Even the Federal PATCH program refused to help as we have too much damage. So disabled mobile home tenants are treated like 3rd class citizens and ho help it given to them and landlords are allowed to do whatever they want and Iowa allows this. You should be embarrassed at the very least. Now I have heard the park might be up for sale again. If that is true, things will just continue to get worse. By parks being able to hide a sale, no one can get prepared for yet another rent increase that is sure to come with a sale.I have given ideas of what needs done and it is only met with deaf ears from representatives with no response. With unlimited rent increases with no just causes, no enforceable laws in mobile home parks, and criminal acts from managers and landlords, Iowa receives a fail grade for how it protest its mobile home citizens.