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A bill for an act relating to the authority of a county treasurer to postpone or cancel an annual tax sale.(See HF 2359.)
Subcommittee members: Dunwell-CH, Isenhart, Westrich
Date: Wednesday, February 9, 2022
Time: 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
Location: RM 19
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Kris Rowley [Dickinson County - Treasurer ]
This is a bill proposed by the county treasurers in Iowa after experiencing the impact of Covid19 in 2020 and the resulting suspension of our 2020 June tax sales by the Governor's emergency proclamation. There was much confusion afterwards surrounding our authority in the Code of Iowa to proceed or not proceed with a subsequent tax sale throughout the next year. This bill will give us the clear authority to set the date of the annual tax sale following its disruption in the event of floods, derechos, tornados or pandemics or such events. Please support this bill!