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Meeting informations are as follows:
Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2022
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Location: RM 103, Sup. Ct. Chamber
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Comments Submitted:

Wanda Koos []
Please progress/bring to a vote HSB 647 (An Act relating to the Medical Privacy and Freedom Act). There appears to be overwhelming attention and support for the bill for all of those whom are aware.
Joyce Wilson []
Please push forward HSB 647 Medical Freedom and Privacy Act. It protects our constitutional rights for bodily autonomy. I attended the session last Thursday. Many have suffered discrimination and loss of livelihood over the draconian mandates, or supply a vax card or test rules. Immunity from past infection is as good or better, but has not been recognized. And the emergency is over, which has been exasperated by suppression of early treatment! Many, many have died needlessly. As a retired certified HR person, I say that this mandate totally violates HIPPA in so many ways. Let's free every vocation of every person working in Iowa, or working for an Iowan employer elsewhere, including but not limited to, manufacturers, schools, nursing, doctors, hospitals, the state. Thank you!
Michael Bayer [Republicans of Black Hawk County]
Please advance HSB659 regarding county supervisor elections in counties with population over 60,000. Black Hawk County is one of those counties that has a population of 130,000+ and uses "Plan One". The result is that we have 5 supervisors all who live within 10 miles of each other in the Waterloo / Cedar Falls area and no supervisors elected from the rural areas or small communities in the county.