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Subcommittee meeting and times are as follows:
A bill for an act relating to verification and authentication systems for public assistance programs.
Subcommittee members: Bergan-CH, Bennett, Bradley
Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Time: 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
Location: RM 19
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Comments Submitted:

Jane Broughton []
Let's not make it harder to feed hungry children.
Tom Mohan [Iowa Hunger Coalition, Iowa CCI]
HSB appears to be a bad bill that only seems to punish poor people. It seems unneeded and will only profit a 3rd party vendor at the expense of Iowan's benefits that are due them. during these difficult pandemic days stop punishing those hungry and needing help.
Brianavoi Carter [Iowa Conference United Methodist Church]
People are already struggling to avoid hunger in Des Moines. One of the churches I pastored has had a free supper program for the last 15 years. This past year the number of families coming has increased by 25%. Children are going hungry. In my 40 years experience I found very few families trying to cheat the system. Lets focus on our (government's) job of providing nutritious meals to families in neednot chasing imaginary cheaters.
Cherie Miner []
Is your goal to feed children and families, or discourage them from applying by throwing up more hurdles? And how much will it cost to administer this authentication and verification? Will this entail another nobid contract with some private vendor?