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A bill for an act modifying and establishing charter school programs and making appropriations. (Formerly HSB 242.) Effective date: 07/01/2021.
Subcommittee members: Sinclair-CH, Johnson, Quirmbach
Date: Tuesday, March 30, 2021
Time: 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Location: 217 Conference Room
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Sara Doruska []
I am writing to oppose HF813. The existing charter school legislation is sufficient. HF813 would allow use of public funds for privately run charter schools, essentially using public taxpayer money for private schools. Further, charter schools would be able to operate within current school districts but without local district oversight. This bill would be detrimental to small and large school districts by diverting essential funding.
Shelley Skuster []
Iowa already has a charter school law. So far, few charter schools have opened. Why? Because our public schools and educators do a fantastic job serving the communities they reside in. Before voting on HF813, I hope you ask yourself this question: What is broken that we are trying to fix? Iowans deserve investments in accessible and equitable public schools, not charter schools with outofstate profiteers who have no vested interest in helping our communities thrive.
John Andersen []
I agree with the comments made by Shelley Skuster and Sara Doruska with respect to HF 813. All of the points made by both individuals are most appropriate and are worthy of your most serious consideration. There are too many unknowns and too few "education dollars" available to risk additional changes in Iowa law. As a former Iowa school administrator for over 26 years I urge legislators to slow down. The Legislature has just passed a rather comprehensive approach to providing schooling experiences to and for Iowa students. Too much change over such a limited time period risks chaos and confusion. Now is not the right time for more burdens to be placed on shoulders of teachers, administrators, boards of education, parents and students. The educational futures of Iowa students are at risk.
Jane Suiter []
The Iowa legislature is not fully funding our public schools now. How do we have money to fund charter schools? Once you allocate enough money for what we have now then MAYBE we can support charter schools.
Sarah Chang []
Taxpayer money belongs in public schools under public school board oversight, not in private schools for the already privileged or being funneled to forprofit entities at great expense to the public schools whose budgets are already insufficient. The current process for establishing a charter school within a district is the responsible way to handle this type of request, and loosening the requirements would harm the vast majority of Iowas students. Please oppose HF 813.
Marie Herring []
I echo the comments shared here in opposition to HF813. We are already underfunding Iowa's future and cherished history of outstanding public education. Iowa doesn't need more Charter Schools, siphoning public dollars to the private sector and relinquishing educational standards to outofstate interests and relinquishing oversight. Vote no on HF813. Thank you.
Megan VandeWeerd []
I oppose this bill. Public school funding should never go to any form of private school. Iowa continues to make poor decisions by its leaders.
Chelsea Sims []
Oppose this bill. Focus on making our public schools better for everyone.
Bevan Trembly []
Senator Sinclair,As a retired schoolteacher and your constituent, please represent me and thousands more Iowans in opposing HR 813! Do not give profit motivated corporations access to Iowas children! Charter schools can presently be formed by parents through their local school district. This is a system that needs to be supported! I look forward to hearing from you on this vital subject.Sincerely, Robert Trembly
Amanda Lien []
I am opposed to charter schools. We need to fully fund public schools and strengthen our public schools. No tax payer money for private schools.
Jonathan Sims []
I oppose HF 813. Don't take funding away from our public schools. This is a foolish and unneeded bill that doesn't benefit Iowans and will hurt our state. Restore Iowa's old reputation of having an amazing public school system by supporting school districts and teachers with your legislation and funding. Stop taking away from our schools and our children.