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Meeting informations are as follows:
Date: Tuesday, March 2, 2021
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Location: RM 103, Sup. Ct. Chamber
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Comments Submitted:

Christina Crew []
Send HF636 to subcommittee, A bill for an act creating the psilocybin services Act, and providing penalties. (Please see document for why, with references.) Thank you
Christina Crew []
Assign HF163 to subcommittee, A bill for an act relating to the manufacture, delivery, or possession of marijuana and the possession of drug paraphernalia, and providing penalties
Temple Hiatt []
I served in the Gulf War as a member of the Army Military Police and as a veteran, Id like to remind you that freedom isnt free. That cost, as it pertains to the second amendment, is gun violence. If more guns made us safer, America would be the safest place in the world. I have been a gun owner. In no way did I feel burdened to get a permission slip. Falling back to the minimum federal FBI" background checks wont make us safer. It will remove Iowas specific laws regarding permitting and create more loopholes around gun sales.If this legislation actually strengthened our background checks then the Iowa State Reserve Law Officers Association would register FOR it, The Iowa League of Cities would register FOR it, The Iowa State Sheriffs & Deputies Association would register FOR itThe Iowa Police Chief Association would register FOR itThe Iowa Peace Officers Association would register FOR it, and The Iowa Department of Public Safety would register FOR it.Right now Iowa ranks 43rd in the state for gun violence. Why should we join the minority 18 states with higher rates of gun violence than Iowa? Missouri followed this very same path and now Missouri now ranks 5th in the country for gun violence. That's not what Iowans want. Overwhelmingly, Iowans support Iowas permitting and background check laws because they work.The statistics around gun violence do not lie. This will not make Iowa safer. Vote NO and listen to Iowans, not the gun lobby industry.
CG Dixon []
Quit tiptoeing around. Add Parking Lot Language to the HSB 254 and stand up to big business for once at the benefit of the individual.
Leslie Carpenter [Iowa Mental Health Advocacy]
I would like to state my opposition to HSB 254. Not requiring the permits means that a person can avoid a background check that would otherwise be required and done at a county sheriffs office. This background check could help to keep the guns out the the hands of convicted felons, domestic abusers and people who have been committed for mental health treatment because they had been a danger to self or others. Not requiring the permit means they could get guns from private sellers, who would not be able to tell this type of information based upon how a person presents at any point in time. Yes, if they buy from a Federally licensed seller, the FBI background check would happen. But, if they purchase from anyone else, no background check occurs and this reduces public safety. I urge you to not support this bill.