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A bill for an act relating to the practice of pharmacy, including the prescription and administration of vaccines and collaborative pharmacy practice.(See SF 296.)
Subcommittee members: Edler-CH, Costello, Mathis
Date: Thursday, February 4, 2021
Time: 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Location: RM 24A
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Ella Hall []
Object. Pharmacists do not have medical records and therefore do not know the medical history of the patients, nor past reactions to vaccines. They also are not physicians. The Covid vaccine has not been approved by the FDA. Animal studies were all bypassed to bring it out quickly. However, in past attempts to make a corona vaccine, the animals (ferrets and cats) died. This Covid vaccine has been given emergency authorization ONLY. Why in the world would someone give an experimental vaccine to a 3 year old child? Children are not even a high risk category. If an adult wants to be a guinea pig, so be it. But please don't even think of making a child take something that was not successfully tested on animals.
Jennifer W []
Vote no to this bill for several reasons. 1) The Covid vaccine is experimental, not yet approved for licensing. It is ALSO not approved for the emergency use of children under 16. So lowering the emergency use age is a mite point. 2) Given there are no long term studies logistically available on the Covid 19 vaccine, any person receiving the vaccine should ONLY receive it from their primary care physician to ensure the patient would have long term follow up with the same physician administering this experimental product. 3) Given the low rate of children infected with severe symptoms of Covid, using an experimental vaccine (with no data from child testing subjects) should be deemed unethical. 4) Given the potential for long term chronic health complications (as listed in all vaccination information statement PACKAGE INSERTS) NO person of ANY age should receive a vaccination product from anyone outside a physician clinic (with access to their health history) with the ability to schedule follow up examinations. For example I have attached the Tdap package insert. Please direct your attention to sections 4,5,6,& 7 as a clear indication why a drive by vaccine administration station is a dangerous practice.
Lindsay Maher []
Oppose the bill at it is currently written. I would suggest amending the language to ensure proper informed consent is given. While Pharmacists are educated under Iowa rules on contraindications, informed consent, and preand post administration monitoring for adverse reaction, there is nothing laid out in the law or rules as to what is considered informed consent. Pharmacists and all administrators are liability free, and while we hope most pharmacists are doing their due diligence with going over the Vaccine Information Statement and the FDA emergency use authorization fact sheets related to COVID with all patients there is nothing laid out here to specify that they are doing so. This will increase the risks to Iowans. Iowans deserve to have true informed consent especially for products that do have inherent risks involved and have paid out $4.5 billion for vaccine injury/death. Specifically to the Covid vaccination which is not FDA licensed yet, and only emergency use authorized. Under federal law, it requires individuals who are getting a vaccine approved for EU be informed:USC02 21 USC 360bbb3: Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies ( The administrator must go through the fact sheets that I have attached below with the patient or caregiver of the patient since these have not been through the full approval process and are still ACTIVE ongoing trials. to the COVID vaccine/allergy risk: consider amending this bill to include a laid out plan for informed consent for both adults and children.