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A bill for an act repealing the Missouri river preservation and land use authority, and including transition provisions.(See SF 185.)
Subcommittee members: Cournoyer-CH, Celsi, Guth
Date: Thursday, January 21, 2021
Time: 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Location: RM 24A
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Pam Mackey-Taylor [Iowa Chapter of the Sierra Club]
Missouri River Preservation and Land Use AuthorityVisionaries set up the Missouri River Preservation and Land Use Authority to preserve land along the Missouri River, to develop comprehensive plans, and to implement strategies that emphasize the creation of multipurpose recreation areas that foster and accent the natural characteristics of the Missouri River and which provide for environmentally sound land and water use practices for land adjacent to the Missouri River.SSB1021 would repeal Chapter 463B which sets up the Authority. We oppose this bill.There are many competing uses of the Missouri River and it is important to strike a balance in those uses barge and navigation, agriculture, water sources for industries, flood control, wildlife habitat, and recreation.Now is the time to utilize some of the features of this law, to deal withRestoring flood plains and the Missouri River; flood water needs a place to go without destroying agricultural land, homes, and businessesRestoring the natural flow of the riverRestoring habitat for wildlife, including the pallid sturgeon fishDealing with rebuilding and strengthening levees, while maintaining flood water storageClimate change which is changing the weather patterns. There have been two major floods on the Missouri River in the last 10 years 2011 and 2019Protecting these wildlife habitat and environmental interests can have great benefits, by encouraging tourism and recreation activities which spurs economic interests, while also balancing the other stakeholders. The legislative findings were very specific. Those findings are still appropriate today. If there is an effort to repeal this law, the justification for that repeal should be made clear. Nothing in SSB1021 makes it clear.Although the Authority has not been very active in recent years, the Authority and the legislation creating it should not be dissolved. In fact, the Sierra Club supports funding the Authority.That is why we are asking you to oppose SSB1021.
G Ellerbroek []
I think it is important to protect the environment and look closely at what impacts this will have on the local wildlife.