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Date: Wednesday, January 20, 2021
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Location: Law Library
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Lori Harris []
Personal Choice
Lori Thomas []
Abortion is a womans choice not to be mandated by government. Same as men choosing to wear condoms.
Emily Trudeau []
I urge you to vote no on HSB41. I have seen firsthand throughout medical school at the University of Iowa that abortion is a safe procedure and a critical part of healthcare. As a future family medicine physician, it is my duty to do all that I can to ensure the health and welfare of my patients. Research throughout the years continues to show that criminalizing or limiting access to abortion does not stop abortion. It only further endangers women who are already unsafe in this country (i.e.the abysmal maternal mortality rate present in America). When abortion is unavailable, the same number of abortions occur, but more women die or are permanently injured in the process.There is absolutely nothing pro life about supporting legislature that causes more deaths of women. It is only anti woman, anti life and anti human rights. Those who believe otherwise areunaware of the true need for abortion and how it relates to healthcare and the lives of Iowans. It may differ with the religious beliefs of some, but the majority of Americans believe abortionshould be legal. As well, America was founded on the premise of escaping religious persecution. Entangling religious beliefs into law where they have no place is dangerous and immoral. The decision of whether or not to have an abortion is an intimately personal one and should not involve the government.
Steven Petty []
Dear Sir or Madam:Please note my opposition to HSB 41. I can not predict with any certainty what the course of the Covid19 pandemic will do in Iowa. But I would not relish being in the position of an Iowan legislator who in the not to distant future will be portrayed like 'Nero' who fiddled while Rome burned down. Iowa is not performing well in getting the vaccine distributed. But what are you doing? Are you giving funding to city and county governments? Are you seeing that Iowan's are not in hunger?Please start working on solutions to the pandemic as your number one priority!
Lois Ahntholz []
Please stop trying to legislate moral issues, especially when they pertain to women. More importantly, if the fetus isn't aborted, and the baby becomes full term, then the State of Iowa needs to be sure that child is cared for, not abused and lives a healthy life. The Legislature should spend more time on addressing larger issues than abortion and the death penalty. The inept leadership of our governor on the pandemic has resulted in much death and economic destruction. Education is important, not just getting kids into the classroom during a pandemic. Teachers and staff need to be vaccinated before returning full time to the classroom. Please spend your time on important issues.
Susan Olesen []
Reproductive health is a religious issue and therefore should not be decided by the government, but by individual women driven by their beliefs and their conscience. Please stop this attempt to regulate morals according to one religion.
Betsy Fickel []
I urge passage of HSB 41 as it is not up to the gov't to pay for anyone's choice to the slaughter of an unborn human. No one has been able to pinpoint the moment of distinguishing between a 'clump of cells" as some have so crudely referred to, to when it beomes a fetus, then a baby.There is no provision in either the state constitution nor the US Constitution to provide as such.Adoption is an option. In the case of rape? I know a party that was gang raped, became pregnant, and put the baby up for adoption due to being biracial and the horrible prejudice of other family members. All she needed was to hear if you want to keep the child, we will make a way. Thta precious, innocent life should not pay for someone else's crime. Nor should it pay for someone elses poor choice.Killing of an innocent life should not be a birth control method. Yet, I know several that have done as such because they didn't want to be embarassed becaue they would be caught messing aound, it wasn't convenient, or it interferred with their job. What about that Bible your oaths were sworn upon? Remember what it says about unborn life?
Catharine Cashner []
Please vote no on HSB4l. Women are capable of deciding what happens within their own bodies without the interference of the State of Iowa. If the concern is truly about saving lives, why not look at our high maternal and infant mortality rates and see if there are appropriate interventions to keep mothers and babies alive after birth.
Suzanne Summerwill []
The decision to endure an abortion is deeply personal, driven by circumstances, economics and morals. Please respect the difficulty of this decision by ensuring it remains a decision between a woman, her physician and those whom she chooses to include. This, like other very personal trials must not be the rule of the legislature or government.
Kathleen Jordan []
Hubris: Outlawing a choice you will never have to make.
Norma Hervey [Retired professor]
Every child born deserves to have two parents who want that child, a decent standarf of living, an education to fulfill a future. It is distressing that there is a lack of privacy and a need for control of the personal lives of other people.
Amanda Benedict-Barbian []
Abortion should remain a medical decision that a woman has a right to make based on her personal choice. The government should not impose faith based beliefs on the citizens of the United States. Access to safe abortions should be a basic right guaranteed to women in the US. Family planning should not be controlled or dictated by the government.
Rylee Dolezal []
I am a Fairfax resident urging you to vote no on HSB 41. Side with science and the freedom/health of those able to become pregnant, rather than individual religiosity. Religious faith is integral to the lives of many, and it should be respected by not becoming a political ploy. You do not have the right to make choices on behalf of an embryo or fetus inside another human being, and there is nothing moral about controlling other people's bodies and risking the wellbeing of others.
Elizabeth Ahrens []
Abortion should be a personal choice. Please vote against this bill
kathranne knight []
Please vote no on HSB 41. Access to safe and legal abortion is every woman's right.
Rebekah Johnson []
I am opposed to this bill, HSB41, and am asking you to vote NO. I want you to remember that abortion laws effect women and families who are devastated that they have to decide whether to let a child suffer in the womb, or end their suffering. The difficult and heartbreaking situations that women and families go through should not be made more difficult by blanket laws like HSB41. Laws like HSB41 do no justice to the child or mother. Please do the right thing, and Protect our women and children. Vote NO to HSB41.
Christine Jacobson []
The women of Iowa should have the right to make their own health care decisions, to include safe, legal abortions. It is unconscionable to think the women of Iowa will have to leave the state in order to exercise this right. You significantly overestimate the support for this bill among the citizens of Iowa. A very vocal, radical minority does not speak for average Iowans.
Matthew Hawn []
HSB 41 MUST NOT PASS. The government has no business interfering in what is a woman's choice to do with her own body. If legislating a woman's choice over her body is allowed, then there should be language added for mandatory vasectomies for men! What's good for the goose is good for the gander! That'll stop unplanned pregnancies!
Rita Carter [Iowa United Methodist Legislative Advocacy ]
The United Methodist Church is opposed to HSB 41 and urges that it not be advanced to the House.