Study Bills

Natural Resources (H)

Study bills still in committee.

Bill Bill Title
HSB 661 A bill for an act exempting the state and municipalities from liability for claims involving honeybees on public property. (See HF 2371.)
HSB 566 A bill for an act relating to conservation and recreation policies and programs within the department of natural resources. (See HF 2365.)
HSB 176 A bill for an act relating to snowmobile user permits and registration fees. (See HF 537; HF 628.)
HSB 175 A bill for an act increasing certain fees and reallocating certain revenues related to hunting, fishing, and fur harvesting, and including effective date provisions. (See HF 574; HF 631.)
HSB 166 A bill for an act authorizing the department of natural resources to establish certain fees at state parks and recreation areas. (See HF 510; HF 619.)