Study Bills

Local Government (H)

Study bills still in committee.

Bill Bill Title
HSB 164 A bill for an act relating to access to and use of the county land record information system.(See HF 551.)
HSB 163 A bill for an act relating to requirements for the split and consolidation of parcels.(See HF 539.)
HSB 97 A bill for an act relating to the authority of a county treasurer to postpone or cancel an annual tax sale.(See HF 266, HF 663.)
HSB 95 A bill for an act allowing counties to collect a fee for the issuance and renewal of driver’s licenses and nonoperator’s identification cards to persons who reside outside the county.(See HF 267, HF 680.)
HSB 94 A bill for an act relating to certain deadlines relating to the informal review and protest of property assessments in counties declared to be a disaster area.(See HF 270.)
HSB 93 A bill for an act relating to certain filing deadlines for property tax credits available to certain elderly, disabled, and low-income persons and including effective date and applicability provisions.(See HF 318.)
HSB 19 A bill for an act authorizing length of service award programs for volunteer fire fighters, volunteer emergency medical care providers, and reserve peace officers, and making appropriations.(See HF 193, HF 340.)