Study Bills

Workforce (S)

Study bills still in committee.

Bill Bill Title
SSB 3071 A study bill for an act relating to wage discrimination under the Iowa civil rights Act of 1965, making penalties applicable, and establishing an equal pay task force. 1/27/16 Subcommittee: Courtney, Dearden, Bertrand 2/8/16 Returned to committee.
SSB 1237 A study bill for an act requiring that disconnection devices be installed for certain distributed electric generation facilities, providing penalties, and including effective date provisions. 2/26/2015 Subcommittee: Dearden, Dotzler, and Whitver
SSB 1151 A study bill for an act to increase the state minimum hourly wage. 2/4/2015 Subcommittee: Bisignano, Dotzler, and Bertrand
SSB 1087 A study bill for an act concerning political affiliation of members of the public employment relations board. 1/27/2015 Subcommittee: Dotzler, Bisignano, and Shipley