Study Bills

Agriculture (S)

Study bills still in committee.

Bill Bill Title
SSB 3149 A study bill for an act providing for an in=field watershed quality education pilot project. 2/11/16 Subcommittee: Hart, Seng, Kapucian
SSB 3131 A study bill for an act providing for the administration of certain excise taxes imposed on the sale of cattle. 2/9/16 Subcommittee: Brase, Kinney, Shipley 2/11/16 Returned to committee.
SSB 3079 A study bill for an act requiring that agreements to terminate farm tenancies be in writing. 2/3/16 Subcommittee: Hart, Kinney, Shipley 2/8/16 Returned to committee.
SSB 1260 A study bill for an act relating to the production, marketing, and distribution of industrial hemp and related plant materials, and providing for penalties.
SSB 1259 A study bill for An Act establishing farm=owned distributed generation facility purchase requirements applicable to specified utilities and cooperatives, making penalties applicable, and including effective date provisions. 3/4/2015 Subcommittee: Seng, Ragan, Zumbach, Anderson, Bowman, Brase, Hart, Kapucian, Kinney, Rozenboom, Shipley, Sodders, and Taylor