589.1     Acknowledgments -- seal not affixed.
589.2     Conveyances by county.
589.3     Absence of or defective acknowledgments.
589.4     Acknowledgments by corporation officers.
589.5     Acknowledgments by stockholders.
589.6     Instruments affecting real estate.
589.7     Repealed by 79 Acts, ch 133, §13.
589.8     Mortgages, trust deeds and realty liens -- releases.
589.9     Marginal releases of school-fund mortgages.
589.10    Marginal assignment of mortgage or lien.
589.11    Conveyances by fiduciaries.
589.12    Sheriffs' deeds.
589.13    Sheriff's deed executed by deputy.
589.14    Defective tax deeds.
589.15    Tax deeds legalized.
589.16    Tax sales legalized.
589.16A  Defect in tax sale proceeding.
589.17    Conveyances by spouse under power.
589.18    Conveyances by foreign executors.
589.19    Conveyances under school-fund foreclosures.
589.20    Conveyances according to law of other states.  Repealed by 91 Acts, ch 183, §40.
589.21    Releases and discharges.
589.22    Certain loans, contracts and mortgages.
589.23    Descriptions referring to defective plats.
589.24    Defective instruments.
589.25    Sales of real estate by school district.
589.26    Land transfers by the department of human services legalized.
589.27    Condemnation by department of transportation.
589.28    County surplus property -- sale legalized.
589.29    Permission to lay water mains.
589.30    Establishment of ancient county roads.
589.31    City and county deeds. 



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