See also chapter 523I

566A.1     Applicability of chapter -- requirements for certain organizations.
566A.1A   Definitions.
566A.2     Designation.
566A.2A   Perpetual care cemetery registry.
566A.2B   Interment rights agreement -- requirements -- contents.
566A.2C   Annual report by nonperpetual care cemeteries.
566A.2D   Annual report by perpetual care cemeteries.
566A.3     Guarantee fund.
566A.4     Application to prior cemeteries.
566A.5     Nonperpetual care cemeteries.
566A.6     Perpetual care cemeteries.
566A.7     Commission or bonus unlawful.
566A.8     Discrimination prohibited.
566A.9     Penalty.
566A.10    Extent of offenses.
566A.11    Speculation prohibited.
566A.12    Administration.
566A.13    Violations and penalties.
566A.14    Rules.
566A.15    Cemetery fund. 



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