For cooperatives and condominiums, see chapters 499A and 499B

557A.1   Time-share Act.
557A.2   Definitions.
557A.3   Applicability to time-share programs located out-of-state.
557A.4   Action for partition.
557A.5   Status of time-share estates.
557A.6   Creation of time-share estates.
557A.7   Arrangements for management and operation of a time-share estate program.
557A.8   Developer control period.
557A.9   Creation of time-share uses.
557A.10  Arrangement for management and operation of a time-share use program.
557A.11  Disclosure requirements.
557A.12  Additional disclosure requirements relating to exchange programs.
557A.13  Exemptions from disclosure requirements.
557A.14  Purchaser's and developer's rights relating to property report.
557A.15  Release from liens.
557A.16  Enforcement and cause of action.
557A.17  Blanket mortgage or other liens affecting a time-share interval at time of first conveyance.
557A.18  Financing of time-share programs.
557A.19  Lienholder's rights.
557A.20  Selling time-share estates -- license required. 



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